grassroots Volunteer fair

Toronto Reference Library - Bram and Bluma Appel Salon

789 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON

M4W 2G8

Sunday March 26th, 2017

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM



no registration is required, and this fair is free for everyone.

Join us for Toronto's first volunteer fair comprised entirely of grassroots groups! We welcome families, youth, seniors, newcomers, job-seekers - anyone with a passion to make a difference. Give your time to a grassroots group that aligns with your interests, and see how far it can take you.  Get to know some amazing community organizations doing incredible work with few resources, and no FTE paid staff. Volunteer to make a huge impact, in a group where you can meet new friends, try new things, and be a part of building an organization from the bottom up. This fair is presented by Volunteer Toronto, where our Grassroots Growth Project has provided hundreds of groups with the knowledge and tools to improve their operations and manage their most important resource: their volunteers. Read on to learn about some of the organizations that you will find at the Grassroots Volunteer Fair!



Fix the 6ix

Fix the 6ix is a grassroots organization that addresses poverty in Toronto. Launched by students at York University in 2016, Fix the 6ix is rooted in the philosophy that Toronto belongs equally to everyone, and that much is to be gained by supporting all individuals who call the 6ix ‘home’. Fix the 6ix is trusteed by West Neighbourhood House.

All of our programming is designed to give back to the city we love with no direct cost to the donor. Learn more about our two programs the ReGiftcard 
and 100 for the Homies.



Amadeusz is a non-profit organization which developed over 10 years ago by a group of young people in Rexdale, Toronto. Amadeusz runs education projects and research initiatives in order to support young people who have been impacted by incarceration, violence and crime to create positive change in their lives and communities. To date, Amadeusz has engaged over 500 young people held in various Toronto detention centres by supporting them in attaining their high school diploma or post-secondary schooling.



UnstoppableMe is a volunteer-led organization based in Toronto. Founded in April 2015, we are a community of like-minded professionals; who share knowledge through socializing and networking in a friendly and supportive environment. We offer support in the following areas: career mentoring,
volunteering and networking opportunities, Project Management Professional (PMP) exam preparation study groups, and financial literacy.


The Shelter movers of toronto

The Shelter Movers of Toronto is a non-profit charity operating
in Toronto advocating against domestic violence by providing
no-cost moving services to persons fleeing abusive households. 
They envision a Toronto where fleeing abuse is easier, better
supported and barrier-free for everyone.


Annisaa organization of canada

Founded in 2012, the ANNISAA Organization of Canada is a women's empowerment organization actively promoting the livelihoods of Muslim women. ANNISAA has organized a variety of events aiming to bring Muslim women together to advance Muslim women in leadership roles and empower the next generation. 
Learn more about ANNISAA's upcoming Women's Health Conference and
their other female recognition and leadership programs.


Global peace network

Global Peace Network was developed in 2005 by a volunteering student who was moved by the plight of children living in the streets of Tanzania. With project sites in developing countries, including Tanzania, Nicaragua, GPN has grown from supporting 5 children to hundreds of children and is working towards ensuring every citizen of the world has access to health care and education.


park people

Park People is an independent charity that builds strong communities by animating and improving parks, placing them at the heart of life in cities.
Park People supports a national network of community park groups. These groups organize volunteers to green and care for their local parks, advocate for park improvements, and host events such as tree plantings, nature walks, and festivals. We help them build their capacity, amplify their impact and increase awareness
of the city parks movement.
Come learn about how to start your own group or volunteer with an existing
group. You can find existing community park groups in our online map.


queers for dinner

Queers For Dinner is an inclusive social group based in Toronto, Ontario that combines networking with good food! Having had many successful events around the city, Queers For Dinner has brought together people from the LGBTQ community and allies in a comfortable social environment, leaving them with new friends and full bellies.
Check out their upcoming events to join the fun.


the foundation fighting blindness

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is a Canadian non-profit organization developed in 1974 and are leading the fight against blindness by advancing retinal disease research, education and public awareness. Their aim is to restore hope and sight to the over 1 million Canadians living with blinding retinal eye diseases right now.

Read more about their Restore Vision 20/20 initiative and learn about
how The Foundation Fighting Blindness is working with international
experts to develop new treatments for blindness.


north American indigenous games

The idea behind the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) was conceived in the 1970's and operates today as a non-profit organization that celebrates the culture and talent of indigenous youth and communities. The 2017 NAIG will take place in Toronto, Ontario and is to be hosted by The Aboriginal Sport and Wellness Council Ontario (ASWCO).



Amanda's lemonade stand

 “You are never too little to make a big difference, and no effort is too small to change the world - one glass of lemonade at a time.”

Amanda's Lemonade Stand was conceived on a little girl's front lawn aimed at raising money to "fix kids' hearts" and has since exploded into a non-profit charity that has raised $210,000 to date. It's the 19th annual Amanda's Lemonade Stand this year and 10 year old CEO Joshua Belzowski has decided to make it their biggest yet. The group will host 365 stands in Downsview park on June 18, 2017, breaking a Guiness World Record.
Read more about Amanda’s Lemonade Stand Guinness World Record Multi Charity Fun Day.


foundation for student advancement, excellence, and advocacy

At the Foundation for Student Advancement, Excellence, and Advocacy, FSAEA; we believe strongly that the student experience extends far beyond the walls of a classroom and into the recreation, employment, leadership, extracurricular and advocacy roles students routinely take on. In 2017, we hope to continue to foster an environment of excellence in these areas and especially to offer a new and exciting programme of student recreational experiences. Help us make that ambition a reality by sponsoring a school, or volunteering with us!


 commffest community film festival

COMMFFEST is a Toronto-based volunteer-run film and arts festival celebrating 12 years of promoting bringing filmmakers and artists in their community together. They provide an arena where emerging filmmakers, artists, musicians and global community stakeholders can express themselves freely, provoke thought, and stimulate understanding to foster change.



institute for Canadian archives

The Institute For Canadian Archives is a social capital building initiative focusing on increasing social cohesion through the art of storytelling. The ICA works with communities to help them produce narratives
that celebrate intercultural and interfaith narratives.
Learn about their most recent project, the ‘Hearts & Minds Living Library' (HAMILL) series,
where the ICA creates space for dialogue to identify and
dismantle pre-conceived notions about race and equality.


flowers for cures

The Flowers for Cures project carries out monthly awareness campaigns dedicated to a disease and a flower symbol! Each month pre-med or medical student team leaders or IMGs of Models of Diseases at U of T and the pre-medical/postbaccalureate program at Royal Crown College create brochures and lead an awareness campaign for one disease. We distribute seeds, plant flowers in visible spaces in the community and collaborate with art students for creating beautiful paintings of flowers. We want to increase awareness about various diseases, give hopes to patients and their families, and help NGOs fundraise for medical research while creating educational experiences for pre-medical students.


Living dao eco arts space

Living Dao Eco Arts Space is a non profit organization dedicated to Eco Arts.
Our vision is to create a space where people are connected and inspired by Eco Arts. Through education, publication, exhibition, and residency programs as well as relevant events, we aim to accomplish the following missions:
- To connect and represent Eco artists
- To encourage the public's participation of Eco Arts
- To raise awareness of environmental issues
- To conserve nature and culture-based heritage
- To promote the art of sustainable living
Join us for change and positive impact through your creative daily life! We believe everyone is a living artist!


Women's Development Network

The Women’s Development Network is an organization providing peer support, skills development and social enterprise opportunities for women from the Regent Park, Moss Park and surrounding areas. Members share experience and expertise with their peers through cooperative learning and development activities. The Women’s Development Network provides safe spaces for women to learn and build confidence in their leadership skills and abilities.